Nails: Look 1


So I am no nails expert but since my nails actually grow now I like to have some fun with my nails. I am no professional (definitely amateur status) and they don’t always turn out perfect but if I get a semi decent nail going then pretty much anybody should be able to. Doing your nails at home is so much cheaper then going to the shop every two weeks and if you are like me you like to switch it up often.


So for Christmas I got a gel nail kit and I thought I’d give it a whirl with nail strips and regular nail polish for the first time. I don’t know that I’m a 100% satisfied with the results, but overall it turned out all right.


So on the gel polish nails I just did the normal one base coat layer but on the two nails where I used the nail strip and the regular polish I did two base coats of the gel polish.

My Kit:



Polish’s Used:


The base coat and top coat that came with the kit.


A pink gel polish “It’s all about me” by OPI I got this polish wit the kit for free but I think this polish runs about $20.00 a bottle through Sephora.



This a regular polish “Rock Star Pink” Xtreme Wear by Sally Hansen. I love this brand of polish it wears pretty well and it’s only about $2.50 a bottle. Rock Star Pink is one of my favorite colors it really sparkles and it has several different color glitters in it which allows it to go with a lot. The problem with this color is it does not wear well. Since it is mostly glitter it does chip pretty quick which is a bummer. Thankfully it dries super fast so you can keep layering on another coat.

*With the gel base coat and gel top coat it is wearing better but it did still chip slightly after a couple of days and it took a lot longer to dry after the top coat. 




I got these nail strips from Avon this past July and hadn’t gotten around to using them. I wanted to test out how the strips would work out with a gel base and top coat and this pattern was my sacrificial lamb. I want to say these were pretty cheap about $5.00 for the pack and I was actually surprised on how sticky and thick they are. I usually use the Sally Hansen strips but these went on really well and so far have staying power. With the Sally Hansen I can usually cut them in half so that I can save half, I was not able to do the same with these. They just not as long.



After I got on the base coats, I applied the first layer of gel color first and then the second. I then put on the Rock Star Pink. I put on several coat and let it dry for a bit. It didn’t dry as fast as usual maybe due to the gel base coat. I lastly did the nail strips since they do not require dry time. If I do the regular polish again I think the next time I will apply the regular polish first and let it fully dry before putting on the top coat.

The last step was the top coat and I applied a thin layer to all nails as usual and ran them through the UV light. I thought since the top coat dries with the UV light it would dry the regular to the touch with the UV light, this was not the case. My Rock Star Pink finger was still mushy to the touch even after 2 separate goes through the UV light. I ended up using some rapid dry on this finger but it was still slow to dry. The nail strip I had no problems with, it was dry with the top coat.





The final look:



Again, I’m not sure how happy I am with the color combinations that I picked but for a first attempt at mixing it up I’m pretty satisfied.



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