Urban Decay Perversion Mascara


I love mascara. In fact, if told I could only have one makeup product forever, it would be mascara.

I was sent a sample of Urban Decay’s Perversion mascara, touted as #biggerblackerbadderlashes and it’s an intense product, no doubt.


It’s paired with a primer called Subversion, and with both together you definitely get a thicker and blacker lash. BUT, being a mascara junkie, I have to say, I felt like I needed more coats that I should have for such an intense product.

My current favorite mascara right now is actually an Urban Decay product, but it’s the Supercurl Curling Mascara. I felt like it separated my lashes better, it took less coats to get the effect I wanted, and it’s just as dark and black as the Perversion. AND it’s $2 cheaper. My wallet liked that.

I will say, that Perversion, used without the primer Subversion, is still a fabulous product, I just think the brush in the Supercurl Curling Mascara is better. But as you can see both brushes, you can probably tell which one you’d prefer. I tend to prefer the spiky brushes over the fluffy kind.

Either way, tell me your favorite mascara in the comments section, or if there’s a better one I should be using!



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