Cover Girl #Lashblast #LashFame


I think one of the most underrated drugstore brands is Cover Girl. Their mascaras are amazing, especially considering that you can get them for around $5 or $6 if you have a coupon.

This is the new The Super Size mascara from Cover Girl and the Intensify Me! Liquid Eyeliner by LashBlast. Influenster sent these to me to try out, and since I’m already a huge Cover Girl fan, I was thrilled! The first thing I did was open up the liner.


The liner has a “paddle” tip. Here are the two views:


As you can see, with the rounded tip, one side is thin, and one is thick.

The Good: It’s very pigmented, it washes off very easily, and doesn’t smear.

The Bad: I didn’t like it at all. The cat eye I drew was uneven, the product stuck to my skin before I finished drawing the line, and I couldn’t go back over it since it had dried so quickly. It instantly feathered and flaked–you can see the feathering on my wrist.


Moving on to the mascara.

I loved it. This mascara is fantastic. It has a really odd-shaped brush that my pictures don’t do justice to, so I won’t post them. My before and after pictures:


Crazy, right?! And it washes off well, doesn’t flake or smudge, and if you roll the wand as you apply it, it gives your lashes some curl!

So, final verdict: LOVED the mascara, didn’t care for the liner.



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