Comfort Vox Box


I find the name of this Vox Box a bit confusing as the only thing that brings comfort to mind is the chicken noodle soup. But that being said, I have no complaints.



I received a coupon for a free jar of Ragu Old World Style spaghetti sauce. I grabbed it from Target, and had no problems at all finding it, or using the coupon. I’ve never been a fan, but my kids loved it! I was kind of surprised as they’re picky on red sauces, but hey, whatever gets the food into their bellies.

This box included a carton of Annie’s Homegrown Organic Soup. We got chicken noodle…yum! We love Annie’s at my house. The Bunny Mac is our favorite. The soup was good. The kids ate it, and I was happy since one of my kids has a sensitive tummy, and coming off of the stomach flu, this was perfect.

Fiber Choice Immunity Support Fruity Bites were delicious! I already have a fiber gummy supplement, but this one tastes way better than the one we normally buy! I’ll definitely be switching to this brand! They taste more like a treat than a vitamin!

Fisher brand Nut Exactly snacks were excellent! I’m so bummed out because I’ve been stalking my Target and have yet to find them! The chocolate and nuts were the perfect snack to stick in my purse and hide from my kids 😉 It also gave me a nice treat to snack on on the way to pick them up from school.

The Tide Ultra Stain Release Free was a new product for me. Tide has some additive that makes my husband’s skin break out, so I haven’t used it in years. Either Tide changed their formula, or this product is different than old school Tide, because joy of joys there was no breakout! Everyone has soft, clean, towels, and no reactions!


*My box did not include the Sure deodorant

**Comfort Vox Box courtesy of Influenster

***I’m having a hard time getting the images onto the blog post. My computer is being a jerk and not posting them. I’ll update the post once I can get it to load the pictures.



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