W7 In the City Palette


I found this on Amazon for about $4 and since I’ve heard good things about this brand, I decided what the heck?



It seems to be a UK brand dupe of the Naked Basics palette, and while it’s nowhere near as pigmented as Urban Decay, it really isn’t bad. All 6 shades are matte, and fairly true to the colors. It’s got a decent consistency, and it’s good for the price. I tried a couple looks, and I don’t think I’d recommend it alone, but I think it has great transition shades for the crease, and a perfect shade of eggshell or bone for under the eyebrow.

I’d pair this with a good champagne shade for a base, and work around that.

So, final verdict: For what you’re paying, this is a great palette. I’m curious to see what any UK followers here think of this brand.

Post in the comments if you’ve used this one, and what you think. Are there any other palettes by W7 that I should have?


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