Sunday Riley Luna Oil


Sephora sent me the Sunday Riley Luna face oil to test out. Let me say that within a week, I noticed a significant difference! I have super bad under eye bags since I don’t sleep much with three children one of whom is only two. This softened up my lines around my eyes, and smoothed my undereyes. I looked like I’d gotten eight hours of sleep, not the five or so I’d really gotten. Color me impressed.

Speaking of color, I really wasn’t too sure what to think at first since it’s both blue and has a super strong scent. But wow! This is the first time in a long time I’ve seen something that’s totally worth the hype! (and the price tag!)

The blue is natural, it’s not a dye, and it hasn’t stained anything so hopefully that isn’t a deterrent for you. And I read that the strong scent is the chamomile in the product. It’s a retanoid and good for all skin types. I have pretty dry skin and I really loved it.

I put this on after I washed my face, then I let it sit for a few minutes, and followed up with my normal night cream.

My birthday was this week, so I’ll be buying the full size of this for myself. It’s definitely worth it. And trust me, I don’t splurge on stuff unless it’s totally worth it.







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