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Erno Laszlo Phelityl Night Cream


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In my search for a new favorite night cream, I’ve come across so many. But I haven’t LOVED any of them. I know, I know, you guys say, “But you love Pacifica so much, why not use theirs?” Well, they don’t have one, not really. They have day/night creams, but I have such dry skin that I prefer a much thicker and heavier moisturizer at night. I use one of the Pacifica overnight masks as my night cream for the moment. Or at least, I did…

I was sent a full-size jar of Erno Laszlo Phelityl Night Cream through Influenster, and I was pretty shocked. This brand is billed as “celebrity skin care.” Celebrity? I’m thinking something along the lines of Charlotte Tilbury and her Magic Cream. Well, I like this better (don’t tell Charlotte! LOL)



This is a brand Marilyn Monroe used to use, but back then you had to be seen in person in his New York store/office and Erno Laszlo became the dermatologist of the stars. Well, if it’s good enough for Marilyn, ammirite?

My skin loves this. A lot.

My husband does not…at $115, it’s pricey guys. I’ve been using it for a month, and I feel like I’m not even a quarter of the way through. If I can make it last maybe 4 months (it’s a pretty great size jar, and I don’t feel like I need to use a lot of it, which is amazing!), I’m hoping to convince the hubby that $115 a couple times a year isn’t that much more than spending $20-$30 a month on a drugstore night cream.

In the meantime, once a week or so I do still use my Pacifica overnight mask on top of it, so I’m not ready to let that go. Maybe I should to a full review of that for you guys too.


Revive Vox Box


I’m a little late in posting this review, but this was a neat little Vox Box. It has everything from coffee to protein shakes!

The coffee was all delicious, not that there was any doubt. The Shea Moisture hair products are some of the best out there. My daughter and I have curly hair, and Shea Moisture is always a fantastic choice for curls.

The Snackwells biscuits were a miss for me, but only the flavor. I’ve had some before, and liked them, but this was Caramel Macchiato flavor and I’m not a fan. That being said, I do like the chocolate mocha flavor.

The protein shakes were good, but nothing fantastic. I mean, they’re protein shakes. I love that they came with a little shaker, though.


img_1760 img_1755

***All products courtesy of Influenster


Maybelline Super Stay 24 Lip Color


I received the Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color Vox Box, and it has been pleasantly surprising!

I don’t like longwear lip stains, or liquid lipsticks, so imagine how excited I was when I tried these…AND LOVED THEM!

I was sent the colors Constant Toast and Keep Up The Flame, and I loved them so much, I bought More and More Mocha.

The directions say to use the pigment first, let it sit for 2 minutes (it doesn’t need that long), and then go over your lips with the balm on the opposite side of the stick. Let me tell you, it’s fantastic! They don’t dry out, they don’t crack, and unless you eat something oily (I ate a salad with olive oil and vinegar), it won’t come off when you eat!

It does say to use an oil based cleanser or makeup remover to remove it, but my normal makeup remover wipes worked, and so did Micellar Water.

These lasted from about 7:30 am until around dinner time, so for me 5:30. That’s a super long time to go with only touching up the balm (sometimes I cheated and only used my chapstick).

My final verdict:

These are absolutely worth the $8 or so that they cost, and usually you can find a Maybelline coupon. You can’t beat that price for the quality of lip product you’re receiving. I can’t stress enough how much I hate long wear lip products, and how much I love this one.



***Vox Box courtesy of Influenster and Maybelline


Comfort Vox Box


I find the name of this Vox Box a bit confusing as the only thing that brings comfort to mind is the chicken noodle soup. But that being said, I have no complaints.



I received a coupon for a free jar of Ragu Old World Style spaghetti sauce. I grabbed it from Target, and had no problems at all finding it, or using the coupon. I’ve never been a fan, but my kids loved it! I was kind of surprised as they’re picky on red sauces, but hey, whatever gets the food into their bellies.

This box included a carton of Annie’s Homegrown Organic Soup. We got chicken noodle…yum! We love Annie’s at my house. The Bunny Mac is our favorite. The soup was good. The kids ate it, and I was happy since one of my kids has a sensitive tummy, and coming off of the stomach flu, this was perfect.

Fiber Choice Immunity Support Fruity Bites were delicious! I already have a fiber gummy supplement, but this one tastes way better than the one we normally buy! I’ll definitely be switching to this brand! They taste more like a treat than a vitamin!

Fisher brand Nut Exactly snacks were excellent! I’m so bummed out because I’ve been stalking my Target and have yet to find them! The chocolate and nuts were the perfect snack to stick in my purse and hide from my kids 😉 It also gave me a nice treat to snack on on the way to pick them up from school.

The Tide Ultra Stain Release Free was a new product for me. Tide has some additive that makes my husband’s skin break out, so I haven’t used it in years. Either Tide changed their formula, or this product is different than old school Tide, because joy of joys there was no breakout! Everyone has soft, clean, towels, and no reactions!


*My box did not include the Sure deodorant

**Comfort Vox Box courtesy of Influenster

***I’m having a hard time getting the images onto the blog post. My computer is being a jerk and not posting them. I’ll update the post once I can get it to load the pictures.


Sunshine Vox Box



Woohoo! Sunny days bring Sunshine Vox Boxes!

There isn’t a single product in this box I don’t like!

There’s a fun spray lotion by Vaseline. It went on smoothly and easily. No sputtering, no dripping. Plus it has a fresh scent my kid likened to watermelon, but it reminded me more of cucumbers.

The Infusium 23 leave-in conditioner has a really strong scent, but works well. My hair was softer and easier to comb.

The Dickenson’s Witch Hazel makeup remover wipes were refreshing, and I like the cooling feel on my skin. The only thing I didn’t like was how as I dragged it across my face, it would stick, or pull. Most makeup removing wipes glide smoothly across my face. This might be more of a personal preference thing, though. They removed my makeup well enough, and I didn’t have a weird film left on my face either. So, you know, YMMV.

There was a coupon for free Bark Thins, which actually irritated me at first. I mean, if you’re sending me something to try out, why are you sending me a chore? The whole point is to eat and tell, ammirite? But I go to Target a lot, and I love chocolate, so I went ahead and grabbed some. The flavor I picked was a coconut almond and it was amazing. My kids ate it all in the car. I only got one bite!

The Sriracha Blue Diamond almonds were a great snack! I enjoy spicy foods, so for me, it was the perfect on the go snack. BUT, if you’re not a spicy person, pick a different flavor.

The nail polish is from Sinful Colors and it’s a fun one. My daughter and I painted each others’ toenails that day and the color is vibrant and shiny. I’m a sucker for shiny!

***This Vox Box was sent to me courtesy of Influenster

Cover Girl #Lashblast #LashFame


I think one of the most underrated drugstore brands is Cover Girl. Their mascaras are amazing, especially considering that you can get them for around $5 or $6 if you have a coupon.

This is the new The Super Size mascara from Cover Girl and the Intensify Me! Liquid Eyeliner by LashBlast. Influenster sent these to me to try out, and since I’m already a huge Cover Girl fan, I was thrilled! The first thing I did was open up the liner.


The liner has a “paddle” tip. Here are the two views:


As you can see, with the rounded tip, one side is thin, and one is thick.

The Good: It’s very pigmented, it washes off very easily, and doesn’t smear.

The Bad: I didn’t like it at all. The cat eye I drew was uneven, the product stuck to my skin before I finished drawing the line, and I couldn’t go back over it since it had dried so quickly. It instantly feathered and flaked–you can see the feathering on my wrist.


Moving on to the mascara.

I loved it. This mascara is fantastic. It has a really odd-shaped brush that my pictures don’t do justice to, so I won’t post them. My before and after pictures:


Crazy, right?! And it washes off well, doesn’t flake or smudge, and if you roll the wand as you apply it, it gives your lashes some curl!

So, final verdict: LOVED the mascara, didn’t care for the liner.


#FrostyBox from #Influenster


So Influenster sent me their Frosty Box Vox Box (say that 10 times fast! LOL), and it came with quite an assortment of goodies.

B5eZIFdIAAEtTu-.jpg large


Everything here you can get at Target. I’ve already bought the Boots No. 7 serum, and I love it! First things first, I’ll go ahead and give a rundown of each item.

There are Fruit Vines bites, which I hid from the kids and ate all myself, because that’s how I roll ;P

An Eco Tools round brush that is way better than the one I already had. I’ve blow dried my curly hair straight with it twice now, and both times it gave me a smoother look than the Goody one I bought like 10 years ago.

McCormick Gourmet Thyme which worked out perfectly since my thyme plant died this winter.

The sample of Boots No. 7 Protect & Perfect Advanced night serum, which as I said, I’ve already picked up.

A Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup remover, and a Scandaleyes water proof kohl kajal black eyeliner. I love pretty much all Rimmel products, and I don’t think you can go wrong with their black liner. I’m replacing my MAC black liner in Smolder (it’s not waterproof).

This might be my favorite product in the box, an NYC Expert Last Lip Color in Sugarplum. This is a matte look that was much smoother than some others I’ve bought, although I’d still use a balm underneath so it glides on better. This lip product is less than $2 so you really can’t go wrong here.

And Lastly there is a 2 pack sampler of Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Decaf Green Tea. Now I love peppermint tea, but this had a more black licorice taste. That works for me, but some might not like it. In fact my daughter loved it, but my son didn’t.

So, this was a really fun Vox Box, and I’ve really enjoyed sampling and reviewing all of the products. As I’ve said before, influenster is a really fun site to play around on, check it out, and read some of the product reviews.