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Maskcara Beauty Teaser




Keep your eyes here for a full review on the Maskara Beauty HAC routine and makeup.

FullSizeRender (1)


*Colors shown: Amber, Stone, Grapefruit, Honey

Seaglass palette and dual ended 30 second HAC brush

All can be found here Britta’s Maskcara Beauties



Review: Lipsense Plus Discount!


I don’t know if any of you guys have seen this, but several of my friends on Facebook sell Lipsense. It’s a long-wearing lip color and gloss combo. My sister swears by it, but  I wasn’t sold on it yet.

Well, she bought me the shade Aussie Rose, a beautiful golden pink. And for some reason, the center of my lips kept wearing off! I was so disappointed! Then I realized I needed the gloss. Talk about a duh moment! It really does make a difference.

I bought the Glossy Gloss, and it feels so amazing on your lips!

I’ve watched some videos and have some new tips up my sleeve, so I wanted to share my thoughts with you guys!

1: Exfoliate your lips beforehand. I use this recipe for a lip scrub, but if you aren’t in the mood to make one, there are plenty of other options. Heck, you can just brush your lips with your toothbrush if you want (do it gently!).

2: Shake it!

3: Stretch your lips wide while you apply. You’ll look silly, but your lips will look so much better!

4: They suggest 3 coats. You’d better believe I was loaded up that lip wand with product! BUT the thinner the coat, the better they layer. And trust me, if you get a couple colors, you can layer these babies into different colors! So 2 shades can give you a couple different color mixing options!


Here’s who I bought my Lipsense from. Her name is Sonya and she’s super friendly and very helpful. If you buy anything from her, mention this blog post and she’ll give you 10% off your order!!


I’m ordering a peach shade next as my birthday present to myself: shade Luv It. I’m in the pool a lot, and I want a lip color I don’t ever have to worry about. I hate being at the beach, or the waterpark with my lipstick wearing off and looking crazy.

Here are some pictures from the same day. The first two are right after I applied my makeup and I have 2 slightly different angles so you can see the sheen the gloss gives it. This color is called Beige Champagne. It’s a perfect nude for me. Pink Champagne is a similar color, but you guessed it! A pinky nude instead.


And this is 8 hours or so later. You can  see that it still looks fabulous. I ate with it on, had way too much coffee, ran errands, you name it, I did it! I applied more gloss twice. I never reapplied the color.

unnamed (3)unnamed (5)


*Disclaimer: I bought my own products. Links are for your convenience only, I have no affiliates and get no money.

W7 In the City Palette


I found this on Amazon for about $4 and since I’ve heard good things about this brand, I decided what the heck?



It seems to be a UK brand dupe of the Naked Basics palette, and while it’s nowhere near as pigmented as Urban Decay, it really isn’t bad. All 6 shades are matte, and fairly true to the colors. It’s got a decent consistency, and it’s good for the price. I tried a couple looks, and I don’t think I’d recommend it alone, but I think it has great transition shades for the crease, and a perfect shade of eggshell or bone for under the eyebrow.

I’d pair this with a good champagne shade for a base, and work around that.

So, final verdict: For what you’re paying, this is a great palette. I’m curious to see what any UK followers here think of this brand.

Post in the comments if you’ve used this one, and what you think. Are there any other palettes by W7 that I should have?

February’s Glam Bag


About 6 months ago, I joined a subscription service called Ipsy. It’s similar to Birchbox but I’ve noticed a lot less sample size items and more full size products. When you do get a sample, it’s usually a decent size. I’ve been really happy with my Glam Bags so far, and this month I got a fabulous lip gloss by Pop of Color called Plump Pout, a matte pink formaldehyde free nailpolish in Dot  by Zoya, Be Matte Blush, a BB cream from IPKN NYthat I found to be a little too full-coverage for my taste, and a cream-to-powder eyeshadow from Eyetini.

These bags are tailored to me, so you might not get exactly what I do, for example. But there’s a “Beauty Quiz” you take when you create your account that allows ipsy to make these bags more to your taste. You can always re-take the quiz, and if you leave feedback on the product, that helps them too.

Here is a link to sign up: clickety click here